Skate Profiling

Profiling – What it is and how it’s changing the game.

The profile refers to the shape of the blade from the toe to heel. A profile is measured in radius by feet. Traditionally, skates have come with a 9’ radius but over time, with the evolution of playstyle, manufacturers have flattened a factory radius to as much as 13’.

Each radius provides a distinct advantage; a shorter radius allows for faster acceleration and quicker turns, a flatter radius allows for more stability and faster glide. When choosing a single radius you have to sacrifice one benefit for another. This is where the Prosharp profiling system provides an advantage.

Prosharp profiling uses the latest technological advances in profiling to create up to four different radii on a single blade at one time. This multi radii layout makes it possible for a player to choose a profile that allows for acceleration, turning, glide and stability without sacrificing any one attribute.