Skate Sharpening

What’s the standard?

Skate sharpening is no longer walking into the rink and asking for, “the standard”. What is the standard? Let’s start by breaking it down. What you are actually asking for is the radius of the hollow that is created when sharpening your skates. The radius is the amount of depth cut into the blade creating a concave half circle with two level edges.

The radius is measured in 1/8” measurements from 1” being the shallowest cut to 3/8” being the deepest cut. The three most common hollows requested are 5/8”, 1/2”, 3/8”. The Edge Doctor can create an even more precise cut down to 1/16”.

A shallow hollow provides the ability to create more glide, using less energy but requiring the skater use their entire edge to carve into a turn.

A deeper hollow creates more resistance, causing the skater to glide less and use more energy to keep their momentum between strides. This creates more bite, allowing the player to cut more effortlessly.

Deciding which hollow would be best for you is an extremely important decision that is often overlooked. When making that determination it is important to consider the skater’s ability, skating style and preferred style of play. The Edge Doctor can help guide you in finding the best hollow for your individual style.

How often should I sharpen my skates?

How often should you sharpen your skates is a question we get a lot. There are many factors that affect how often it should be done. The most obvious factor is how many times per week you are skating. Other factors include ice conditions, synthetic ice practices and the quality of your steel. The easiest way to stay ahead of blade wear is to maintain a consistent schedule. It’s important to look, feel and thoroughly dry your edges each time you step off the ice at the end of a session. If you wait until you’re at the rink, ready to start a game or practice, it might be too late and could adversely affect your play.

We all know ice time isn’t cheap and your blades are one of the most important parts of your equipment. You’re using your blades 100% of the time you are on the ice. The Edge Doctor can help recommend a sharpening schedule based on your individual needs.